February 2, 2012

Tale of two closets

My closet has multiple personalities. I've got it to the point where I can control where everything that I own is placed exactly where I want it and know where it is at all times. As I've mentioned before, I didn't show the entire closet.

There's another part of this closet that's taken over by objects that are not mine and yet I've inherited the mess that it's all created.

Mom, forgive me, but I have to show this. 

1. The former resident of this room was my brother. On this side of the closet you will find his college notebooks, protein shake mix, a collection of change (that if he does not retrieve, will be deposited into my wallet), and remnant of things that he just did not throw away before he moved. Is that a tile scrubber under that binder? 

2. This lovely dresser is probably older than I am but definitely older than my brother. It's a product of the 80s, made of plywood and wood veneer. It's too small to hold any clothes but it's just big enough to hold about 20 years of junk and what my mom calls sentimental items. Please note that this dresser in the middle of the closet because mom decided it's the best way to hide some graffiti that my lovely sister produced when she was younger.

3. Above is no exception, this area became the place my mother just tossed things, to be reclaimed another day. This area includes manuals from her previous employment - three years ago. That tray up there is actually potential for a project but it's up here where no one can see it.

4. Okay, the hangers are my doing, it's where I place them when I'm not using them. It's a challenge to do so because there's a dresser in the middle of the walk in closet!!! What's the point of a walk in closet if you can't walk in it!!!! UGH! The metal you see leaning against the wall is part of a bed that is no longer in this house! Why would you leave the frame to a bed? Can I sell it for scrap metal?

Against that end wall is just more junk. Including a picture frame....that could be part of another project. (Muahaha!) Those sunflowers are from my old bedroom, that I decorated 13 years ago! And yet there they are, waiting to be reclaimed. I left my sunflower phase a long time so... there it will stay unless I pitch it. The jacquard print board over there is mine too. So yes, I'll admit, I contributed to this horrific nightmare.

Here's the challenge:

How do I pitch this stuff without violating mom's collection of sentimental items? 
When will my brother reclaim his stuff?
What do I do about the graffiti that bothers my mom so much?
How can I get this closet to have just one personality?


Mama EEW said...

I have some ideas!

A) If you can, get 2 (or more) cardboard boxes. Label each box with the name of someone who has left closet "junk".

B) Empty each person's closet junk into their assigned box (imo. All found $$ belongs to the finder, aka, you).

C) Give each person a week to claim their boxes (or if you're feeling kind, deliver the boxes to their owners. Then it becomes their responsibility to keep or trash).

D) Buy some paint that closely matches the wall color and paint over said graffiti.

E) Either find a new way to use said closeted dresser or drag it out to the dumpster

F) ENJOY a clean and revitalized closet! :-D

Kelly @ View Along the Way said...

Ha! My closet only has one personality, and it's MESSY. When you figure it out, let me know! :)

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